The obtuse X-president

what have I done wrong? ~ you have raped, lied and looted ~ with your bankrupt soul —© Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa


Zuma’s ANC creates desolate poverty

new ANC’s greed ~ does what Apartheid couldn’t do ~ it destroys our dreams

©Lize Bard

Zuma legacy

after two decades ~ townships a reality ~ but it should not be

©Lize Bard

Do they know?

the child is not dead ~ young Africans lift their fists ~ not sure against whom

©Lize Bard

South Africa: enough is enough!

our message is clear ~ but our leaders remain deaf ~ rotten to the core

©Lize Bard

Pretoria/ANC heartbreak

our city’s burning

Zuma-crony corruptness

tearing us apart

© Lize Bard @

South Africa held hostage

broken ANC

an insincere president

we’re all April fools

© Lize Bard @