Crowded – Israel, June 1999

too many tourists ~ at the Sea of Galilee ~ I walk alone —© Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa

Akko/Acre: June 2001

in your narrow streets

I buy bread from a young man

then sit by the sea

© Lize Bard @

Tel Dor: July 2001

:ancient town of Dor

you reveal your old secrets

layer by layer

© Lize Bard @

New man in Jerusalem: July 2001

at the ancient wall

I observe a bar mitzvah

a boy to a man

© Lize Bard @

Streets of Jerusalem: July 2001

narrow and layered

ancient complexities

live as neighbours here

© Lize Bard @

Olive tree: July 2000

in Gethsemane

I touched an old olive tree

history alive