we are all alone ~ this is where we find the calm ~ amid a mind storm

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walking together ~ in the rain and the sunshine ~ of this lovely land

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Namibian Kalahari: January 2017

a few drops of rain ~ the Kalahari blooming ~ and colour erupts

©Lize Bard

Far away from city lights

wide-open spaces ~ there are some who’ll never know ~ our precious wild souls

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Swakopmund, Namibia: January 2017

alive in stillness ~ the endless sound of the dunes ~ gently tucks us in

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From my window, Windhoek, Namibia: January 2017

in soft morning clouds ~ it’s so easy to forget ~ the land’s thirstiness

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Desert song

when the desert dances

with all its hued silhouettes

my heart wants to sing

© Lize Bard @