in a blue moment ~ in the shadows of our thoughts ~ seeing you clearly


without wordiness ~ within just a breath or two ~ we can say it all

autumns lost and found ~ springs that gently settle in ~ when we’re poles apart 

ephemeral wings ~ like colourful memories ~ brush against our cheeks


you send me flowers ~ not in petals or in leaves ~ but with silent words

in just a moment ~ the economy of words ~ captures it all

we walk in silence ~ our words footprints in the sand ~ a wave cleans the slate

no expectations ~ only curiosity ~ and an open heart

in a few words ~ a trail of thought opens up ~ our minds may take flight 

just a few soundbites ~ to share such simple moments ~ of amazing depth

room filled with voices ~ a moth folds its silver wings ~ she simply walks out

my words remain few ~ only half-uttered ideas ~ you fill the spaces

she has spoken ~ he also had his say ~ the silence deepens

rather ironic ~ those who fond themselves so wise ~ that they miss the point

a poet’s pencil ~ sings the music of our hearts ~ filling up pages

it does not matter ~ whether you decide to smile ~ it really matters

look in the water ~ on its surface reflecting ~ a lone wanderer

a beautiful thing ~ a day stolen from our lives ~ fleetingly souls touched

move across the land ~ touching lightly where you go ~ quiet wanderer

written as a sketch ~ the mind’s eye is limitless ~ in its rendering

dragonfly hovers ~ waiting for its mate to join ~ in their complex dance

wanting to slow down ~ wanting to have some more time ~ to count my words

so little to say ~ so much to listen to ~ our best dynamic

one mind loves to flow ~ the other just wants to fly ~ meeting in a thought cloud

to explore our hearts ~ we only have one lifetime ~ which is not enough

the people we dream ~ leaving trails without names ~ ever in our minds

waves roll timelessly ~ thoughts of simplicity flow ~ nothing’s permanent

cannot stop hearing ~ the vast stillness in your voice ~ a heart’s melody 


Flights and fights

I take flight above ~ while you fight the fierce dragon ~ of deep emotion

© Lize Bard @