Teaching in South Africa

all in a day’s work ~ hunger, rape, aids and pregnancy ~ my heart is breaking

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

Zuma’s ANC creates desolate poverty

new ANC’s greed ~ does what Apartheid couldn’t do ~ it destroys our dreams

©Lize Bard

The vulgar greed of our leader/s: South Africa June 2017

ANC stalwarts ~ how could you let this happen? ~ our land is broken

©Lize Bard

Zuma legacy

after two decades ~ townships a reality ~ but it should not be

©Lize Bard

From my window: Hermanus, South Africa, November 2016

I fly with your soul ~ and return you to the sea ~ always to come back

©Lize Bard

Do they know?

the child is not dead ~ young Africans lift their fists ~ not sure against whom

©Lize Bard

Homo naledi: Maropeng, South Africa, May 2017

another fossil ~ rewriting our history ~ we’re all African


Lize Bard

Haiku out of Africa