when I remember ~ still days filled with sun and wind ~ I find a soft smile

© Lize Bard @

Running trains

message from the north
“Sunrise over frozen lake”
brought a morning smile

© Lize Bard @

Northern light

then it dawned on me

that an essence is revealed

in light and lightness

© Lize Bard @

Early autumn in Kalmar, Sweden: September 2016

an autumn whisper

in sunshine on a cool breeze

the first leaves come down

© Lize Bard @

From my window: Limhamn, Sweden August 2016

it was the softness

that caught me off guard again

in this northern land

© Lize Bard https://wandererhai

Uppsala: August 2014

tall verdigris spires

set against the dark grey clouds

Uppsala Sunday

© Lize Bard @

Limhamn beach: August 2015

clouds across the bay

Denmark hidden from our sight

my feet in soft sand

© Lize Bard @