I want to slow down ~ I want to have some more time ~ to count my words

© Lize Bard @

In the moment

dancing tomorrows ~ in our dreams of yesterday ~ all we need today

©Lize Bard

Time waits for no one

the clock ticks away ~ the minutes forever lost ~ welcome to earth

© Lize Bard @

Your space

nowhere in the world ~ nowhere in the folds of time ~ is a space like you

© Lize Bard @

Soundless space

planets are spinning ~ the sun our eternal core ~ everything so still

© Lize Bard @


when we find ourselves ~ tied in such a pleasing way ~ time no longer weighs

© Lize Bard @

Windows in time

our splintering thoughts ~ each a crystal clear window ~ through which time reflects

© Lize Bard @