Lize Bard: about haiku and I

Lize Bard is a pseudonym for my ‘non-day-job’ writing.

In my profession, I often wander/wonder through time, across the globe and in my mind.

A mind that is in the moment is a rare and beautiful thing. I seldom use electronic media in the company of others (travelling or otherwise), because it often distracts from the quality of the moment.

Rather, when I have time (or need the creative outlet), I sit down to sketch thoughts and memories of encounters or observations in a few words – haiku. Sometimes, when I feel strong enough, I also indulge in immediate social comment.

The poems are not chronologically ordered nor does ‘you’ refer to any single person. They simply  represent a moment or thought in space-time, sometimes spent in solitude and sometimes shared with another person in a classroom, with a cherished friend or family member, a stranger on an airport or on the corner of a street.

Haiku become like old friends, thus some are re-posted and pre-scheduled months ahead as nostalgic indulgence – sometimes paired with a new image or new title.

Here I share some of the poems accumulated over the years: can be used for correspondence