Racist ignorance

‘race’ lives in our minds

in science we are all one

Homo sapiens

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

Cairo market: July 2000

trav’ling on my own

for the first time not happy

in the bustling souk

Wisdom required

masked men beating boys

first-world immaturity

in a complex world

Saddened to my core – again

when the ‘happiest’

take from those with nothing left

we must redefine


with melancholy

always something to observe

our essence mirrored

To David from Africa

dance as if alone

sing as though the world is deaf

feel the silence rise

Cambridge nights: July 2011

in a cobbled lane

the tunes of Zauber Floete

he thanks me and leaves

Rain at last

after several weeks

a generous thunderstorm

the earth is smiling


slumbering for years

this poet’s identity

who is now awake