Stranded in Athens: August 1990

a few lost days

to discover ancient truths

also in ourselves

© Lize Bard @

Wandering dreams

my dreams fly away

they simply will not stay put

filled with wanderlust

© Lize Bard @

Pretoria/ANC heartbreak

our city’s burning

Zuma-crony corruptness

tearing us apart

© Lize Bard @

Dare to live

how can you live

with a constant fear of dying?

it’s no life at all

© Lize Bard @

Mt Sinai: June 2001

desert man’s carpet

black tent, glass pipe and pleasure

here at Sinai

© Lize Bard @

Biting my tongue

my words often pitched

on the cusp of making waves

but then I rephrase

© Lize Bard @

Bavarian winter: January 1991

thick snow on the roof

it is warm in our attic

but your heart is cold

© Lize Bard @

Orlando mass shooting

American guns

turned against themselves again

when will they learn?

© Lize Bard @

Kinneret: July 2001

too many tourists

at the sea of Galilee

here I walk alone

© Lize Bard @

Human decay

Homo sapiens

what happened to our wisdom?

see the state we’re in

© Lize Bard @


stripped winter branches

our nakedness is revealed

just like the bare trees

© Lize Bard @