Sugar & spice

the little girl said ~ I like you more than ice cream ~ and that said it all

©Lize Bard

Too many words

fifty words for sand ~ one hundred words for white snow ~ how many for you?

© Lize Bard @


wandering through words
straying amongst all the noise
the wings of silence

© Lize Bard @

Wish you were here

it seems forgotten

that you spoke it out loud that

you wished you were here

© Lize Bard @

Shattered silence

breaking the stillness

my thoughts shatter into words

some of which you catch

© Lize Bard @


there’s a tender soul

tucked beneath your rough surface

revealed in your words

© Lize Bard @

Sheltering words

thinking our own thoughts

spinning our delicate webs

words that hug our worlds

© Lize Bard @