the nearness of you ~ plays on the shapes in my mind ~ in pastels and blues

© Lize Bard

In collaboration with Beck Metzbower 

Set free

we are exposed in ~ phosphorous glow of the blues ~ emotions revealed

©Lize Bard

@ Haiku out of Africa

In stone

this is where we dream ~ in our galaxy of blues ~ our deep universe

©Lize Bard

@ Haiku out of Africa

Mountain blues

words flow from my pen ~ looking up to the mountains ~ you should have been here

©Lize Bard


drifting in the sun ~ far above the blue water ~ looking at it all

©Lize Bard


the half-moon drifting ~ in passing melancholy ~ of our deep blue hearts

©Lize Bard


I lose myself in ~ the blue landscape of your voice ~ painting me like snow

©Lizr Bard