Hearing eyes

the sound of your eyes ~ resonates in the ocean ~ colouring your touch

©Lize Bard


we play in the wind ~ you hide me like a treasure ~ a gift from the sea

©Lize Bard

Brand new

a glossy pink day ~ breaks free from the ocean ~ softly drifts away

©Lize Bard


child of the oceans ~ blowing hot and blowing cold ~ keep me in suspense

©Lize Bard

From my window: Hermanus, South Africa, November 2016

I fly with your soul ~ and return you to the sea ~ always to come back

©Lize Bard

Elements unite

stirring sea and sky ~ the rising sun in a touch ~ coming from afar

©Lize Bard


this morning’s songbirds ~ brought with them a gentle voice ~ from across the sea

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/